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  • Abs Blast Icon

    Abs Blast

    30 minute workout designed to tone, build & strengthen the abdominal muscles.

  • BoxFIT Icon


    Boxing exercises & combinations, cardio drills & defence training.

  • Bootie Bust Icon

    Bootie Bust

    Shape & tone your bootie

  • Cardio Club Icon

    Cardio Club

    A TYMC fitness program to help you improve your cardio-fitness.

  • Furious Five Icon

    Furious Five

    Total Body Workout is 5 Exercises, 5 rounds, 5 Times!!

  • HIIT Icon


    The quickest way to build lean muscle, burn calories & lose fat!

  • Pilates Icon


    A class to improve core strength, posture, balance & flexibility.

  • Belly Dance Icon


    Strengthen your posture & tone your abs while you shake your hips!

  • Sculpt Icon


    Designed to firm, shape & tone the whole body, even those difficult to tone areas.

  • Tabata Icon


    Bursts of high intensity weight training. Burn calories, get fit & strong.

  • Yoga Icon


    Gain flexibility, build strength & indulge in deep relaxation, all in one class.

  • Zumba Icon


    Lose yourself in the music & get in shape at the original dance-fitness party.


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